How The Glover Whisky was conceived, sourced, developed, blended and launched in less than 8 months

The Glover - A world's first 'fusion' whisky

The Glover – A world’s first ‘fusion’ whisky

Platinum Global Resources (PGR) is dedicated to making connections which enable creativity and rapid business growth and played a key role in the creation of The Glover Whisky.

“We know the people you need to know”.

A great example of this was in the launch of a world-first ‘fusion’ whisky – “The Glover Whisky”.

Joanna Goddard, Co-Founder of PGR was approached by Jim Millar to assist with ideas for engagement between Scotland and Japan – specifically after Jim had played a key role in the architecture of a new strategy for Aberdeen.

The “Scottish Samurai”, Thomas Blake Glover, is an icon in Japan but little known nor fully celebrated in his native Aberdeenshire for his remarkable 19th century achievements in Asia. These included the foundation of Mitsubishi Corporation and what is today Kirin Brewery, as well as the gift of his home in Nagasaki which sees over 2 million visitors per year.

The idea was hatched with the team at PGR to put a whisky at the heart of the engagement strategy. PGR, through Director Graham Langley, then assisted Jim Millar to forge the links with Asia industry veteran David Moore and (through David) to Alex Bruce, the Managing Director of Adelphi Distillery and onto secure investment.

The combination proved very creative quickly, much more than the sum of its parts. A new to world innovation named after Glover: The Glover Whisky, a fusion whisky between rare Japanese and Scotch malts to celebrate the great heritage of and relationship between the two countries was conceived, sourced, developed, blended and launched in less than 8 months. Master blender Alex Bruce himself has a strong Japanese connection, given that his great-great grandfather Lord Elgin signed the Treaty of Amity which opened up trade links between the two countries in 1858.

“The Glover” launch was featured on media throughout the UK and Japan, including STV on the day of launch. The brand was born and sold out within days, is now being exported to 15 countries as an example of Scottish creativity and collaboration, and will be built for the long term.

PGR knew the people that were “needed to know” to make “The Glover” happen at pace. PGR will continue to support its development into the future.

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