The Glover Whisky announced in shortlist for the HSBC Scottish Export Awards

The Glover WhiskyThe shortlist for the HSBC Scottish Export Awards in association with Scottish Enterprise has been announced and features TBG & Co, who created a world’s first fusion whisky, The Glover Whisky, in two catagories.

The Glover, shortlisted for Most entrepreneurial exporter of the year and Emerging start-up exporter of the year, was an innovation hatched through engagement with Platinum Global Resources (PGR).  The PGR team’s ability to then identify and rapidly reach crucial contacts, enabled the project to be conceived and progress to global sales within 8 months. The Glover Whisky is now selling in 15 countries.

You can read more about How The Glover Whisky was conceived, sourced, developed, blended and launched in less than 8 months here.

PGR is dedicated to making connections which enable creativity and rapid business growth.

PGR knew the people that were “needed to know” to make “The Glover” happen at pace. PGR will continue to support its development into the future.

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